The Second Pillar - International research project with leading experts in the field

The Second Pillar - International research project with leading experts in the field

MOCA’s Research Team

One of the first steps MOCA undertook in the establishment of the Company and Team, was to reach out to the best experts in the world and seek collaboration and assistance in development of the business. During this process, MOCA entered into discussions with Dr Arno Hazekamp, Ph.D. who served as the Head of Research & Development for the Dutch National Cannabis Producer, Bedrocan BV, where he worked on the preparation of clinical trials with medical cannabis. Dr. Hazekamp is a globally-recognized expert in the chemical analysis, quality control and product development of medicinal cannabis.

As a result of our discussions, Dr Hazekamp was appointed Head of Scientific Research for MOCA in Australia (Exclusive). Together, with Arno leading the way, MOCA formulated a strategy to develop world class research to position ourselves as a globally focussed company.

MOCA appointed Rhys Cohen, who is a political economist, cannabis industry expert and educator to the advisory team in early 2017. Since attaining Honours (First Class) at the University of Sydney for his thesis on North American cannabis markets, Rhys has been engaged in a number of commercial projects in a consulting capacity. Rhys is considered one of Australia’s leading Cannabis experts.

Medicinal cannabis: An International Collaboration to Develop Best Practices on Quality and Safety Standards. An Australian Based Initiative. An international study of lessons learned from the medicinal cannabis industry.

There are currently no international research projects in the field of medical cannabis designed to establish best practices in safety and quality. MOCA is creating the first multinational collaboration to bring to light the learned experiences of nations that have had medical cannabis for up to 15 years and extract the best practices as learned thus far.

Leveraging Dr Hazekamp’s international contact base, this Australia led study will review the safety and quality practices and procedures of cannabis production and medical based products from around the world to better understand how that may apply to Australian situation.

The research will include among others collaborations with leading cultivators and producers from: 







Czech Republic








South Africa



The Netherlands


United States






The Research is already underway and MOCA is anticipating announcing the project during our Media push in late August 2017. The research is already funded and will be completed by mid-December 2017.

The lessons learnt from the research will obtain two effects:

  1. The best practice principles will be applied in MOCA’s Australian facility, to lead the way in terms of safety and quality worldwide.

  2. The research will allow to fill in the gaps and the tension currently existing among all parties involved (e.g. Government regulators, activists, patients). We are also seeking cooperation from the Australian Government to get behind the research to allow MOCA and Australia to position as an example and world leader in the cannabis industry.
MOCA seeks to position as an industry innovator researching and defining International Best Practices for Quality and Safety  MOCA has already appointed Dr Arno Hazekamp as head of scientific research. Research is already underway and anticipated launch date will correspond with MOCA’s Media Launch.    The research is already underway and is already funded by MOCA