The Third Pillar - World class digital marketing strategy

3. The Third Pillar - World class digital marketing strategy

Fundamental to MOCA’s winning formula is the partnership with New Realm Media. Owned and operated by MOCA director, Alessandro Sorbello for the past 19 years, New Realm Media has developed an online marketing and distribution channel. This relationship provides MOCA and a select group of companies including Green Relief access to over 50 top level premium national and international domain names including

The directors have independently secured rights to use domain names in the list below. As investors in MOCA the advantage is that this partnership will result in high online visibility and therefore offer a superior marketing advantage in all areas of the cannabis industry, from seeking investors to online sales of marijuana products to an international audience.

The following screenshot from a Google Search for ‘Invest Organic Cannabis’ demonstrates the power of this digital marketing advantage that MOCA is benefiting from. You can see that currently there are 4 of MOCA’s websites on the first page of Google. 

MOCA Search Engine Visibility

Why is this important?

Online digital marketing is critical to expansion in the short and medium term for MOCA. As the cannabis cultivation market continues to grow and expand, invariability competition will grow with it. The digital assets that MOCA is leveraging ensure very high level international online visibility that will represent a platform for global MOCA’s and Green Relief’s products distribution.

To underline this point and as a very practical demonstration of this marketing power – Google Organic Cannabis Australia and you will see that MOCA is already on the first page of Google with that search phrase. (See extract below). This is equally true for many key search phrases on Google.


Search Medical Organic Cannabis on Google and you will find MOCA again on the first page.

New Realm owns and operates a vast portfolio of top level domain names and corresponding websites designed to attract investment, clients and export opportunities. New Realm Media has been a Google Publisher since 2004 and attracts over 70,000 people per month to its online assets.

Along with the investment strategies there are the production and import/export aspects, which are formatted for market penetration. These powerful domain names will provide MOCA high-level visibility on the Internet, which will attract investment and, in addition, generate sales.

The roll out of these with 50 websites is expected to be finalised by mid-2018.

This is one of the key mutual benefits of our collaboration with Green Relief. MOCA is currently receiving excellent international online visibility and in due course, will provide an important sales channel for Green Reliefs product.  MOCA already has an unparalleled digital marketing strategy not just in Australia but internationally, which is already generating inquiries for cannabis products. MOCA is currently market leader in online visibility Australia. MOCA will be leveraging as a principal global web based platform for online sales.