Medicinal Cannabis patient numbers growing rapidly in Australia

Australia's legal medical cannabis industry is growing faster than Canada at the same time in its trajectory who had 7900 patients after 13 years in 2014.

In contrast, Australia has seen a rise in patient numbers starting with 450 in 2017, one year after implementation of the scheme. The numbers rose significantly in 2018 with 2526 patients accessing medical cannabis.

Patient advocacy groups pressing the Australian Government resulted in a sharp rise in 2019 with 15,566 prescription patients.

The predications or Australian medical cannabis in 2020 look like doubling according to Australian health regulators and are anticipated to reach 70,000 according to the Department of Health submission to a Senate committee studying Australia’s medical cannabis access.

Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australian (MOCA) and a number of other Australian cannabis companies predict that the number will be much higher. Sydney based Data Analytics estimates 140,000 prescriptions for medical marijuana products in 2020.

Ongoing streamlining of patient approval pathways and number of registered health practitioners approved to supply medical cannabis increased from 108 in 2017 to 645 in 2018 and to 1,465 in 2019.

With this growing number of medical practitioners prescribing medical cannabis, the number of patients will continue to grow exponentially. “This trend demonstrates improved confidence among prescribers and increased uptake in medicinal cannabis prescribing,” The Department of Health said.

One of the obstacles prohibiting the growth in the industry is the prohibitive cost of the products which are not subsidised by the government.

Over 15,000 approvals have been for chronic pain have been authorized for treatment by a medical cannabis products.

Other conditions approved for treatment as of Dec. 31, 2019, include:

  • Cancer pain and other symptoms, 2,105.

  • Neuropathic pain, 2,008.

  • Anxiety, 1,576.

  • Seizure management, 758.

Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia (MOCA) Pty Ltd continues to work to bring high quality organic medical cannabis products to Australia at affordable prices. Our system of logistic management and our business model allows us to bring organic products to market better priced than non organic. Our product range continues to impress our medical practitioners and differentiate MOCA from the rest of the field.

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