Medicinal Organic Cannabis is made up of a team of experts dedicated to studying the beneficial effects of cannabis and CBD.

Each day we continue to become even more passionate about its enormous potential

European Medicinal Organic Cannabis Operations: The CBD Revolution.

According to both Arcview and BDS Analytics research, Europe will be the worlds largest cannabis market. Europe has a long history of cultivating industrial hemp, a derivative of the cannabis sativa plant. The Company is working with a European cultivars. CBD rich genetic cannabis strains in high-quality pharmaceutical grade conditions. We cultivate and manufacture a broad range of CBD based products.

The Company directs all aspects of cannabis cultivation including soil preparation, genetic selection, and clone cultivar production, planning procedures and cultivation protocols, harvesting and drying specifications and elaboration into oils and appropriate products.

The Company has proprietary procedures and protocols to stabilize cultivation, production and manufacturing of CBD based medicine. We work with European cultivators to educate, and empower growers to produce pharmacy grade products.

Our European operations are vertically integrated and works with cannabis in all steps of its production, from the cultivation and manufacturing chain including processing and marketing via our online digital distribution partnerships. Our processes of production regenerate the soil and create strong ecosystems in the agricultural process.

Our propriety techniques improve soil quality, create efficiency in cultivation and utilize energy and resource efficient agricultural practices in producing GMP certified medicines.

We ensure fundamental steps in developing stabilized plants designed to meet medical conditions including developing strain selection, cultivars, clone production and safe harvesting and drying techniques.

Of the more than 100 cannabinoids discovered, cannabidiol or CBD is a compound that is non-psychoactive, and clinically proven for its usefulness in treating everything from chronic pain to multiple sclerosis to epilepsy.

The global medical cannabis industry is growing exponentially as the new science emerges. Cannabis is now widely recognized as a powerful alternative to opioid-based medicine and is utilized by a wide range of patient demographics.


We use GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) procedures in each step of the way and our storage ensures maximum freshness and quality.


We send each harvested crop to third party laboratories for analysis to verify the cannabinoid content and microbiological suitability.


Medicinal Organic Cannabis focuses on certified organic cannabis and hemp with high levels of concentrated cannabinoids.


We cultivate ecologically without the use of pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. Our production is medical grade.


Our Team harvest our cannabis by hand when at the best possible time when trichomes are at their peak.


We dry our plants and flowers naturally, gently and under monitored conditions. We ensure that microorganisms do not enter the product.


We extract cannabinoids and other plant compounds under strict GMP and in pharmaceutical grade facilities to ensure the highest quality of our CBD an THC products.


One of our key focus points in on CBD production. Using the latest state of the art procedures, we obtain the highest levels of quality and safety in the cannabidiol derived.

Hemp medication and the question of stability

Hemp medication and the question of stability

Because hemp has not been extensively cultivated in Europe and around the world for many decades, there exist a number of challenges in creating a quality-controlled product safe for human consumption in the form of medicine.

Medical hemp products must follow specific international, national, or state requirements related to growing, formulation, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution. The use of stable genetics developed for reproducible is fundamental to a robust medical production. As is the controlled use of non-chemical pest management and fertilization of the plant. Harvesting and drying processes must ensure that mold does not remain in the biomass. These are fundamental and important considerations in developing plant based medicine for pharmaceutical use.

The Company is leveraging our unique hemp genetics specifically designed for medical use. Consistent and unique medicinal genetics provide us and our growers with a distinct competitive advantage in the global hemp derived phytocannabinoid industry.

Hemp and the medical perspective

CBD is one of 113 cannabinoids in Cannabis sativa and is especially abundant in hemp, we currently know that CBD is generally considered one of the most important phytocannabinoids in existence, for its wide range of medical benefits.

Here are the 7 main benefits of CBD, according to clinical research:

1. Reduces neuropathic pain

2. Relieves spasms and inflammation

3. Reduces seizure frequency in epilepsy patients

4. Relieves anxiety and insomnia caused by PTSD

5. Slows down the advancement of MS

6. Acts as an antipsychotic

7. Relieves anxiety

CBD is one of 113 cannabinoids in Cannabis sativa and is especially abundant in hemp