Investment Opportunity

MOCA is growing and growing fast, we are expanding our operations in Australia and internationally.

We are currently seeking expressions of interest from retail and wholesale/ sophisticated investors.

We are featured on digital platforms including and and these are a few of the major web platforms we are working with to fund our expansion.

Retail Investors

Read a brief overview of Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia (MOCA) and our activities here, you can register your expression of interest.

Wholesale Investors

Sophisticated and Professional Investors Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia (MOCA) Pty Ltd invites Sophisticated and Professional Investors wishing to participate in the Company’s expansion plans, to invest in Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia (MOCA). Register your interest here.

Crowd-Share Funding

MOCA has explored working with Crowd-Share Funding and may run a campaign for retail investors in the future. You can stay abreast of our activities by registering your interest. Note, Investing through Crowd-Share Funding Risk Warning - Always consider the general Crowd Sourced Funding risk warning and offer document (when it is available) before investing. For more information on CSF, click here.

A snapshot of MOCA and it key points of differentiation.

A vertically integrate d‘Seed to Sale’ operation

Why investment in Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia is a good idea.

MOCA has a global vision and plan to bring that vision to life.

This is where you can see how we are bringing our vision to life.

Sometimes a great opportunity comes along and we are ready to capitalize.

The growing market in Australia how we are affronting it and why.

The Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia(MOCA) Team of Experts

Passionate professionals who specialize in international business

Where your investments dollars will go and how we are making it work for all.

Cannabis is one the fastest growing industries in the world.

MOCA has been developed with a global focus, leveraging our digital partnerships.

Growing with a staged approach, Australian New Zealand markets taking our primary priority for supply of wholesale cannabinoid medicines to the health care industry. However, this is just the beginning. Read More

Medical cannabis markets around the world

The Company is focused on Australasian markets with an eye on global developments. With strategic partnerships in several continents, our federally approved import and export licences allows us to move cannabis based medications around the world to licenced companies. And our facilities are fully scalable. Read more

Identifying the needs of the cannabis industry and its patients

Cannabis is one of the most versatile and surprising plant based medicines and the demographics of the users is equally surprising.

Not only do patients benefit from using legal medical cannabis products, governments, and the general public also greatly benefit. Read More