Business Overview

In October of 2016, the Australian Government announced the commencement of the Narcotics Drugs Amendment Act 2016 which will give patients and doctors access to safe, reliable and legal source of cannabis for medicinal use.

As a result of this change in legislation, businesses in Australia can now apply for a licence to cultivate cannabis for medicinal purposes, to manufacture medicinal cannabis products or to conduct medicinal cannabis related research under the Medicinal Cannabis Scheme.

Our Value proposition

MOCA’s target audience, is a rapidly growing global market of people who seek wellness and relief from illness and an enhanced quality of life. Around the world, patients are seeking innovative emerging medical solutions to restore health and alleviate sickness. MOCA has developed a business case and is preparing to supply the Australian market with high quality, organic, sustainable grown cannabis medication.

Our value proposition is underpinned by:

  1. A sustainable, innovative and high yield growth cultivation method.
  2. We benefit from a world class International research project with leading experts in the field which will inform MOCA’s business decisions on best practices in safety and quality.
  3. Online marketing solution to international audience via strategic partnership with Google Publisher, New Realm Media. MOCA will leverage top digital marketing assets, including for online sales of product to web based audiences.

Our objectives are, in the short term, to import cannabis based medication from our international partners into Australia, to supply an emerging market. Secondly, we will develop facilities to cultivate, produce and manufacture medical organic cannabis products utilizing the technology and knowhow of our partners. The business is orientated and based in Australia and has a strong focus on exporting to international markets.

Our national and international business marketing strategy is based on a strategic partnership with New Realm Media. MOCA has secured rights through a licence agreement to utilize top level domain names and websites including, and as well as over 40 other top digital. MOCA stands to benefit from this distribution channel made available to a select group of suppliers.

Far from being a get rich quick or fly by night operation, MOCA has a long term business strategy to develop a sustainable and enduring cannabis business based on scientific research and first to market with organic product.