Company Background

Requirement of funding Company’s expansion in Australia and setting up of business operations in Europe & New Zealand

      • March 2017 - Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia (MOCA) Pty Ltd commenced operations.
      • June 2017 – MOCA was incorporated with HQ in Australia.
      • December 2018 - Became a fully licenced medicinal cannabis (marijuana) company based in Sydney, Australia and were awarded import and export cannabis licences from the Australian Government. MOCA was awarded Licence to Supply by Wholesale Poisons and/or Restricted Substances for Therapeutic Use and Licence to Supply Drugs of Addiction from NSW Government.
      • December 2018 - Company submitted applications to the New Zealand Government for licences to import cannabis products and to establish a research facility to cultivate medical marijuana.
      • February 2019 – Received conditional approval for cultivation and research licence from the New Zealand Government.
      • May 2019 – Developing consortium for Italian cultivators of hemp for CBD extraction, collaborating with State Governments to work with European Union for funding.