Major Strategic advantages

1. MOCA is fully vertically integrated and manages ‘Seed to Sale’ operations including;

      • cultivation,
      • manufacturing,
      • importation,
      • wholesaling and
      • online sales.

This provides total accountability and control of the international operations in Australia, New Zealand and Europe (Italy).

2. As a Federally licenced Australian medical cannabis Company specialized in import and export, MOCA is able to leverage market variations and access cannabis biomass at excellent prices well below market rates.

3. MOCA focuses on Triple Bottom line, People, Planet & Profit and uses The Ethical Measure of Businesses, Business investment principle ESC (Environment, Social and Governance). MOCA specializes in organically grown cannabis products and regulates cultivation practices to improve soil quality. It concerns itself with all areas of physical, social and business contact to ensure the triple P bottom line results.

4. MOCA differentiates itself by being the first organic medical cannabis Company in Australia and in Italy.

5. MOCA carries the largest federally approved product range in Australia.

6. Enjoys very high levels of online visibility through its partnership with leading digital media company which owns websites such as and and over 100 other cannabis specific websites.

7. MOCA is the first Australian company to import cannabis products from the USA, the country with the most evolved cannabis market in the world. This allows it to source products for the Australian and NZ markets that not only are GMP and organic certified, but at the most competitive price, compared to Canadian or locally produced products.

Geography focus

      • Australia and New Zealand
      • Europe, Italy to begin with
      • International markets (through digital channels including