Operational strategy

      1. MOCA operates on a staged approach to executing its business plan. Currently MOCA is a fully licenced importer and exporter of ALL cannabis based medications into and out of Australia.
      2. MOCA has conditional approval to build a cannabis research and cultivation facility in New Zealand and will use this facility to cultivate THC rich cannabis biomass for Production and manufacture into medical products.
      3. MOCA is working with Italian Cultivators of low THC, high level CBD cannabis of very good quality. The changing landscape in the legal Italian cannabis industry is providing an excellent opportunity. MOCA has made contacts with various associations around the Italian regions and is working to create a consortium of growers supported by the European Union.
      4. MOCA is leveraging its licences to bring a variety of medical cannabis products into its secure medical facility in New South Wales, including flowers, CBD and THC capsules, CBD oils and tinctures, sub-lingual and concentrates.
      5. Its import licence enables it to wholesale the products to pharmacies, hospitals and licenced medical professionals.
      6. Export licence enables MOCA to sell products to licenced buyers around the world.
      7. MOCA is pursuing its licence application with New Zealand for importation.

The company generates revenue with the opportunity to acquire CBD enriched cannabis in Europe at excellent prices, producing high quality low cost options. MOCA is also able to sell cannabis biomass direct to other manufacturers through its online channels.

MOCA also has supply agreements with licenced cannabis cultivators in the United States and in Canada that enables it to import products into Australia immediately. MOCA has started dialogue with one of the biggest pharmacy chains in Australia, with the intention to sign off a distribution agreement. Currently in Australia, there are only 6,000 patients, so MOCA is focusing on finalizing the distribution agreements and being ready before the market opens up. It has nearly all of its distribution strategy and arrangements in place before opening up the market thus creating a strong strategic advantage over competition.

Main source of revenue will be the wholesale of cannabis biomass and finished medications to the healthcare industry internationally and in Australia. It will specifically target medical cannabis clinics and licenced doctors. In Australia, MOCA has agreements in place with licenced doctors and medical licenced clinics. It is able to on-board patients directly through its online platform, developed in conjunction with licenced medical cannabis doctors. MOCA is developing educational material specifically for medical professionals to assist in prescribing MOCA’s cannabis products.

MOCA will also target emerging nations with approved medical marijuana for wholesale supply of products. It is already in active discussions with Portugal, Switzerland and Italy. MOCA’s digital media partner owns and is currently developing over 100 websites similar in nature to the ones listed above with roll-out anticipated late 2019/early 2020 for all sites. These sites will offer the online visibility for patients seeking cannabinoid based products thus giving a major strategic advantage to MOCA within the digital space of Australia, New Zealand and relevant international markets.

This is fundamental in a market that does not allow any form of marketing and publicity, so being highly visible to customers and wholesalers is paramount to meet MOCA’s vision for expansion.

MOCA will also generate revenue from the cultivation of raw and refined cannabis in New Zealand. Anticipated time-frame for cultivation revenue is mid to late 2020. The New Zealand cultivation facility will produce 2,100 Kg of organic medical cannabis per year.