The Australian Medical Cannabis Market

The number of patients in Australia is growing slowly but significantly and you can see how many people are using black market products as well. This is part of the reason MOCA is expanding into New Zealand and establishing cultivation facilities as the market continues to grow. These numbers also include patients using CBD products.

From the website of the TGA (Australian Government).

A breakdown of the number of SAS Category B approvals by month for the previous 12 months is also provided left:

Up to 30 April 2019, the TGA has approved over 6400 SAS Category B applications for unapproved medicinal cannabis products. Source

From the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission)

Thousands of Australians are now using medicinal cannabis to treat conditions like chronic pain and anorexia.

Yesterday, the ABC revealed more than 3,100 medicinal cannabis scripts had been approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) since the Federal Government relaxed restrictions in March 2018.

According to experts, these people were just the tip of the iceberg. It has been estimated as many as 100,000 Australians self-medicate with cannabis they've acquired illegally.