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Medicinal cannabis prescriptions at an all-time high in Australia

January 23rd 2020

More than 25,000 prescriptions for medical cannabis were approved in Australia in 2019. Last year, news outlets reported that medicinal cannabis was “pretty much inaccessible”.

In May, The New Daily reported on a study that found few Australian doctors had the confidence and knowledge to prescribe the drug.

But new figures from the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) show medical cannabis prescriptions are snowballing. In 2019, the TGA granted 25,182 applications from doctors to prescribe the drugs, largely in the form of an oil. This represented a more than 10-fold increase on the previous year. Read More

Invest in

Your Invitation to Invest in the legal marijuana industry The United Nations estimates that approximately 190 million people are cannabis users. Deloitte found 74% of people surveyed have had prior experience with recreational cannabis and 41% have consumed Marijuana in the past five years. The highest prevalence of cannabis users was found to be from Europe, followed by the US and the Oceania Region. According to Barclays September 2018 European Consumer Staples Report the global cannabis industry could be worth USD$272 billion by 2028. A Deloitte study found that approximately one-third of cannabis consumers indicated an interest in buying products online.

Mexico has until April 30 to legalize cannabis, Supreme Court rules

November 2019

Mexico’s Supreme Court gave Congress another six months to approve legislation that legalizes all forms of cannabis, postponing until the end of April the deadline for when the Latin American country would create the world’s largest adult-use market by population.

With the new timeline, the bill that’s considered closest to the finishing line now has a lower chance of being approved without modifications. Read More

Jamaica looks to slash cannabis license processing time

November 2019

Jamaican regulators want to substantially reduce the amount of time it takes entrepreneurs to get a cannabis business license, but banking remains the biggest hurdle to marijuana industry growth.

“We’re doing a complete internal review on all of the steps we take in finalizing a licensee, approving the license,” said Floyd Green, minister of Industry, Commerce and Agriculture. “We really want to be able to say that it should take a maximum of six months to get your license in Jamaica.” Read More

US alcohol consumption falling as cannabis use increases

29th October 2019

US alcohol consumption falling as cannabis use increases. Over the past several years, US alcohol consumption rates have declined rapidly, leaving consumers to find new alternatives.

Notably, the cannabis industry is directly correlated with US alcohol consumption decline; Investment-bank firm Cowen & Co. reported that as of 2016, legal adult-use cannabis US states witnessed binge drinking rates fall by 9% below the national average, and 11% below non-cannabis states. Read More


21st August 2019

Cannabis could hold key to curing pancreatic cancer after tumors shrink and DISAPPEAR, study reveals

CANNABIS could be the cure for pancreatic cancer after tumors completely disappeared from mice that scientists treated with marijuana-derived compounds.

Researchers at Harvard University say the treatment killed all the tumor cells in 70 per cent of mice with pancreatic cancer - a cancer that kills 93 per cent of its sufferers within five years.

Pancreatic cancer is one of the hardest to treat forms of the deadly disease, but scientists have discovered that flavonids - the compounds present in the majority of plants that give them their vibrant colours - could hold an answer. Read More

Medical cannabis: Barry Lambert's fight for his sick grandchild

Barry Lambert’s cannabis company Ecofibre is launched on the Australian Stock Exchange on a bright autumn day in Sydney.

At a restaurant reception following the launch, people drink French champagne while musician Johnny Diesel (an Ecofibre investor) plays an acoustic number beside a potted plant. The titans of industry engage me one-by-one, dazzlingly keen to talk, albeit off the record and without telling me their names. One says he invested in Ecofibre after supplying “the product” to half a dozen mates on a surfing trip. Someone else invested “because I take the product myself”. Read More

Marijuana smoking linked with higher sperm concentrations

Marijuana smoking linked with higher sperm concentrations

For immediate release: February 5, 2019

Boston, MA – Men who have smoked marijuana at some point in their life had significantly higher concentrations of sperm when compared with men who have never smoked marijuana, according to new research led by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. The study, conducted in the Fertility Clinic at Massachusetts General Hospital, also found that there was no significant difference in sperm concentrations between current and former marijuana smokers. Read More

Can the power-hungry cannabis sector turn over a new leaf?

Tues., July 23, 2019

The other million-dollar question is whether Canadian consumers will fork out for greener bud the way they have for organic foods. Research from Hill+Knowlton found 57% of medical patients would prefer organic cannabis, but what about recreational users? The survey found 43% of recreational users had the same preference. Read More

Italian Government Tender of Medical Cannabis

Update on Italian Ministry of Defense Tender and Media.

Tues., July 23, 2019

The Italian governments Ministry of Defense (MOD) announced a new tender for the supply of medicinal cannabis. Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia (MOCA) participated in the tender and was the only non-Canadian company involved, and only one of four companies that passed the stringent interrogation to proceed into the final round of selection. Read More

Worlds Largest Online Wholesaler of cannabis invests in Australia’s fastest growing medical cannabis company .

Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia (MOCA) Pty Ltd is backed by the world’s largest online cannabis wholesaler,

The online powerhouse is assisting MOCA to develop its expansion operations in Australia and New Zealand.

To explore how effective cannabinoids were at reducing the viability of colon cancer cells specifically, the researchers tested how 370 different synthetic cannabinoid compounds affected seven types of human colon cancer cells.

Cannabinoid compounds may inhibit growth of colon cancer cells

While the compounds most commonly associated with cannabis -- THC and CBD -- showed little to no effect, 10 other compounds were effective at inhibiting cancer cell growth. Date: February 06, 2019

Medical marijuana has gained attention in recent years for its potential to relieve pain and short-term anxiety and depression. Now, Penn State College of Medicine researchers say some cannabinoid compounds may actually inhibit the growth of colon cancer cells in the lab. Read More

Under review by the Italian Military

The four companies now under review by the Italian Military are Tilray, Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia, Aurora and Canopy Growth. The companies in the tender are all required to submit additional information to the Italian Ministry of Defence. The four finalists in the tender have until Friday the 12th of July to meet all outstanding matters Read More

Patient Access June 19

Patient access figures for June 2019 just released - 1,576 SAS-B approvals in June. That's another ~200 over May, bringing the 2019 running total up to 6,502.

Approvals by Age

Here are all the SAS-B approvals from Nov-17 to May-19 by age range of patient. Not surprising to see the 45-65 year olds leading the charge!

Rise in medical cannabis trade marks in Australia

February 25, 2019

Legalising access to medical cannabis has had a flow on effect on the Australian Trade Marks Register with now 240 pending and registered trade marks claiming the term ‘cannabis.’

In Australia, traders have secured trade mark registrations containing the words cannabis, hemp and cannabis leaf devices. Read More

Starbucks could be the first big chain to launch cannabis drinks

February 25, 2019

Cowen estimates the market for non-psychoactive cannabidiol products will conservatively generate more than US$16 billion in retail sales by 2025.

Starbucks Corp. (SBUX) could be the first fast-food chain to roll out cannabis-infused drinks, according to analysts at Cowen. Although, it may be awhile before customers sip CBD-laced lattes from the Seattle-based caffeine giant. Read More

Investment Bank Predicts $130 Billion Cannabis Market by 2029

February 25, 2019

Last week ended with wealth advisor Pepper International telling CNBC’s “Squawk Box Europe” that the cannabis industry was a wise, sound investment and this week begins with a financial report that backs up that assertion. Hardly a day goes by without some type of industry news that demonstrates positive political momentum, a major milestone, or a huge business deal. . Read More

THC found more important for therapeutic effects in cannabis than originally thought

Researchers measure product characteristics and associated effects with mobile app. Date: February 26, 2019

Source: University of New Mexico. Summary: Researchers recently solved a major gap in scientific literature by using mobile software technology to measure the real-time effects of actual cannabis-based products used by millions of people every day. Read More

Taranaki's medical cannabis crowdfunder raises $1.8 million

A medicinal cannabis start-up based in Taranaki raised almost $2m in its crowdfunding campaign. Date: Feb 15 2019

A medicinal cannabis start-up based in Taranaki raised almost $2m in its crowdfunding campaign. In December, Normanby-based Greenfern Medicinal Marijuana Limited (GMM) started a crowdfunding campaign to secure financial support for its fledgling foray into the medical cannabis market. Read More

Senator for Victoria Richard Di Natale outlined the Greens’ stance on cannabis in Australia, which the minority party unveiled as a major policy platform last year.

“Only a matter of time”

Greens to push Labor hard on cannabis legalisation, citing $2 billion opportunity. Date: February 20, 2019

Greens leader Richard Di Natale is seen at the Melbourne Free Cannabis Community 420 Rally held at Flagstaff Gardens in Melbourne on Friday, April 20, 2018. The legalisation of cannabis will be front and centre of the Australian Greens’ campaign in this year’s upcoming federal election as the party urges Labor to lead the charge on pro-marijuana legislation. Read More

“cannabidiol,” “cancer,” “cannabis,” “marijuana,” and “interaction".

The Potential Clinical Implications and Importance of Drug Interactions Between Anticancer Agents and Cannabidiol in Patients With Cancer

The objective of this review was to identify and examine the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic interactions between cannabidiol (CBD)-only products, such as CBD oil, and anticancer agents. Date: February 18, 2019

A literature search of PubMed (1980 to September 2018) and the Cochrane Collection (1980 to September 2018) was performed using the following search terms: “cannabidiol,” “cancer,” “cannabis,” “marijuana,” and “interaction". Read More

Cannabis and autism: medical cannabis relieves symptoms in children

11th September 2019

In a study of patients with autism researchers have shown that cannabis as a treatment for autism spectrum disorders appears to be beneficial.

The study looked at the link between the use of medical cannabis and autism behavioural improvements in children with autism, who are 18 years old and under, and found cannabis to be a well-tolerated, safe and effective option to relieve symptoms including seizures, tics, depression, restlessness, and rage attacks. Read More