Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia (MOCA) is an Australian Company seeking licences to undertake research, importation, production and to cultivate cannabis for human medicinal purposes under the Australian Government’s new medical cannabis regulatory system.

MOCA has coordinated an interdisciplinary cross-functional team to establish the requirements, evaluate alternatives, develop the business case and implement the solution. The highly skilled and experienced management team has developed an appropriate strategy to build the capabilities and collaborative relationships necessary to capitalize on the opportunities emerging in the medicinal cannabis industry.

MOCA’s points of differentiation include the use of indoor cultivation in controlled environments optimizing space by using vertical garden systems, utilizing a combination of hydroponic and aquaponic systems designed to create medicinal organic cannabis products for local and international market supply.


Our company MOCA is created to be a sustainable, environmentally friendly business, focused on three key points

1. People 2. Planet 3. Profit. As such we have chosen the ‘Flower of Life’ as a key feature of our logo. The Flower of Life is an ancient symbol which can be found in cultures throughout the world. From the beginning of time in human civilization, this symbol has been present. Sites in Egypt, Asia in many countries have relevance to this symbol is the basis for sacred geometry. Source

MOCA has selected this logo as we see that in the modern era, cannabis is aligned with the flower of life as it continuously unfolds revealing its healing and therapeutic properties.

MOCA Flower of Life