The MOCA Story

Our Key Points of differentiation

  • Medicinal Organic Cannabis, focuses primarily on organic cannabis and seeks to become the market leader in the international organic cannabis industry.

  • We are digitally orientated to a global audience. The Company has advanced search engine placements across a spectrum of geographical locations and consumer sectors. Medicinal Organic Cannabis will dominate the organic cannabis online space.

  • Medicinal Organic Cannabis has developed vertical integration processes and controls more than one stage of the supply chain turning raw material into a product and delivering it to the consumer.

  • Australian Federal and State Government licences allow MOCA to import, export and wholesale cannabis and cannabis-based products both high in CBD and THC.

  • In Australia and New Zealand, target markets are pharmacies, hospitals, medical practices and practitioners. In Italy and Europe, MOCA targets wholesale supply of CBD biomass and extracted oil.

  • In July 2019, Medicinal Organic Cannabis was shortlisted in a tender to supply the Italian Ministry of Defense with 400 kgs of medical cannabis. You can read the results of the international tender here.

Medicinal Organic Cannabis focuses on ethical business and three key points, People, Planet & Profit. The Company specializes in organically grown cannabis products and regulates cultivation practices to improve soil quality. It concerns itself with all areas of physical, social and business contact to ensure the triple P bottom line results. Medicinal Organic Cannabis differentiates itself by establishing the first organic medical cannabis Company in Australia and in Italy.

“Every leaf that grows will tell you:

what you sow will bear fruit,

so if you have any sense my friend,

don’t plant anything but Love.”

— Rumi

MOCA Vision and Philosophy

The company brings together a team of passionate professionals with over 20 years’ experience in the cannabis industry.

Medicinal Organic Cannabis will become one of the leading medical cannabis companies in the world and will lead the way in quality, safety and ethical conduct.

We are always seeking the best partners and staff so get in touch if you are passionate and excellent in what you do.