Our Vision

Our vision is to produce organic cannabis medication which is affordable to everyone.

Mission Statement

To successfully supply approved businesses of all sizes with our high quality, ethically grown organic medical cannabis products.


MOCA’s primary objective is to become a leader in the Australian medical cannabis market. Our focus is on reducing patient access costs for medical cannabis products. We aim ato educate medical practitioners, pharmacies and consumer markets on the health benefits of our products. The Company targets supplying the rapidly growing market in Australia with high quality organic cannabis medicine.

MOCA promotes our online sales division through internet marketing, and direct sales promotions to practitioners and pharmacists. This expansion into the supply market could allow MOCA to realize substantial sales growth over the next three years with the aim to:

  • Increase sales revenue and profitability.

  • Increase client base by increasing exposure to national markets

  • Aim to prepare the Company for a potential float on a relevant Stock Exchange in 2024.