Cannabis: the emerging face of well-being.

Medicinal Organic Cannabis (MOCA) is a wholesale medical cannabis company, fully licenced at State and Federal Government level with offices in Sydney, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand. The company is specialized in the import and export of organic cannabis based medication for Australian, New Zealand, and international Markets.

As wholesalers of medical cannabis products, Medicinal Organic Cannabis (MOCA)'s clients include specialized doctors, pharmacies, and hospitals .

MOCA imports and exports a range of organic and non-organic CBD and THC medications, rich in cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol. The Company has licences from the State and Federal Government to import under the Regulation 5 of the Customs (Prohibited Imports) Regulations 1956.

MOCA has developed strategic partnerships with leading global cannabis manufacturers and producers, which offer a proven, sustainable, stream of high quality products available for wholesale.

We are supported by an international scientific team to bring the best products to Australian and global markets. Ongoing multinational best practices research informs the company’s decisions into products, markets, and cannabis cultivation methods.

Invest Cannabis Industry

Invest Cannabis Industry

Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia (MOCA) is offering unique investment opportunities.

Patient Registration

Patient Registration

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Stay connected as MOCA continues to grow and bring new products into the marketplace.

Cannabis as a medication

Cannabis as a medication

The discovery as cannabis as a medicine in modern times and its reemergence in medicine.


Our Vision is a world where wellness abounds.

We take pride in helping facilitate the medical healing properties of the cannabis plant to become researched, understood, and integrated into medical and wellness industries worldwide.

MOCA Activities at a glance

MOCA Australia commenced operations in March 2017, incorporated in June 2017 and has its registered office at 903/50 Clarence Street, Sydney Australia.

The Company holds licences at State and Federal level to import and export Schedule 4 (CBD) and Schedule 8 (THC and CBD) products and wholesale to the medical industry.

MOCA is the first Australian company licenced to import CBD products from the United States into its state of the art facility in New South Wales.

The Company is working with the New Zealand Government to establish a medical cannabis research facility and in December 2018 submitted a detailed application to the New Zealand Government to cultivate cannabis for medical research as a gateway to obtaining a cultivation licence for production.

MOCA New Zealand is currently establishing a facility in New Zealand to import medical cannabis products and are seeking licences to import and distribute medical cannabis by wholesale to the New Zealand medical industry.

Bulk Cannabidiol CBD Flowers for sale from our European cultivators.

Bulk Cannabidiol CBD Flowers for sale from our European cultivators.

Over 50,000 kg of cannabis biomass for immediate sale to our European and North American manufacturers and wholesale customers - contact us for information.

Less than .2% THC and over 5% CBD. Ready for extraction.

Participate in International Research on CBD usage and consumption

Participate in International Research on CBD usage and consumption

Currently we are conducting research in conjunction with the University of Paris on Survey for health supplements completely anonymous questionnaire

Here is the link if you would like to have a look and complete.

MOCA has several key objectives:

As a federally licenced cannabis wholesaler in Australia MOCA’s focus is on importation and exportation of high quality organic CBD and THC based products. Our expansion involves importing our specialised MOCA branded products from our partners in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Our proprietary branded products give us greater control over the overall quality of the products we import and export as well as giving the Company greater buying power, this in turn enables us to bring our organic and non-organic CBD and CBD/THC based cannabinoid products on the wholesale medical cannabis market at very competitive prices.

With an international supply chain, our state of the art warehouse and distribution facility in New South Wales enables the company to scale exponentially and operates with leading digital processes and protocols. From handling cartons of products to dozens of pallets, MOCA can handle the cannabis stock shipments and storage in our medical grade facility.

Secondly, our key area of focus is developing onsite processing and extraction of cannabis oil and production of medical grade cannabis products. Manufacturing a range of branded products including, registered therapeutic CBD and THC Oils, CBD capsules and medical vaporizers and inhalers and other medical products.

Thirdly, MOCA’s wholly owned subsidiaries in New Zealand and Italy are fully vested developing and expanding cultivation facilities, in partnership with local governments and manufacturers, our processes are seed to sale. Controlling the cultivation of our cannabis and hemp stock enables MOCA to produce the highest quality products, all produced in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Invest in the Cannabis Industry

Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia and New Zealand is offering unique investment opportunities in Australia and New Zealand as the company scales up its production and manufacturing. As a fully licensed Australian company, MOCA is gearing up its diversity in the international landscape and seeking investment in medical cannabis. Read more about this opportunity here. Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia (MOCA) Pty Ltd is backed by online cannabis wholesaler,, who is assisting in MOCA's expansion operations in Internationally.

New Zealand cannabis industry.

The company is seeking investment for our New Zealand cannabis cultivation facility. We are establishing a wholesale distribution centre to service the local market. Opportunities to invest in New Zealand cannabis industry.

Business Model based on Research

MOCA’s business model leverages strategic scientific research partnerships with high levels of technical and procedural knowledge in cultivating, processing, and producing medicinal organic cannabis products.

Why is cannabis now a medication? To best understand this, one must first understand the importance of the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) that is in the human body. This is a good place to start in the understanding of cannabinoid based medications.

Rome, Italy - MOCA one of four finalists shortlisted to supply the Italian Ministry of Defense (MOD) with 400kgs of medicinal cannabis. In a classic case of David and Goliath, a privately held medical cannabis company competes against the worlds largest cannabis companies to become one of only 4 companies under review and consideration by the Italian government to take the prize. Read more

Digital Media and Marketing Strategy

Medicinal Organic Cannabis has signed a agreement with global online leader, This partnership gives MOCA access to a powerful web platform focused on international markets.

Our focus is on organic cannabis and marijuana products and our view is on an international market, the platform has promotional and development operations that are focused in Australia orientated around Medical Organic Marijuana. holds interests in cultivation facilities, manufacturing labs and produces cannabis around the world, including Organic Marijuana Israel, Jamaica, New York, Los Angeles, and Washington.