Cannabis: the emerging face of well-being

Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia (MOCA) is a fully licenced medical cannabis company specialized in importation and exportation of organic cannabinoids for Australian, New Zealand and international Markets. MOCA has strategic partnerships which offer a proven, sustainable, stream of high quality products. We are supported by leading web based marketing platform to bring our products to Australian and international markets. The company is informed by world class multinational best practices research.

MOCA Activities at a glance

  • MOCA is an Australian based company that commenced operations in March 2017 and was incorporated in June 2017. Its registered office is located at 903/50 Clarence Street, Sydney Australia.
  • MOCA holds licences at State and Federal level to import and export S4 (CBD) and S8 (THC and CBD) products.
  • MOCA is the first Australian company to import CBD products from the United States.
  • The Company has submitted a detailed application to the New Zealand Government to cultivate cannabis for medical research in December 2018 after extensive liaison. This is the gateway process to obtaining a cultivation licence for production.
  • MOCA is currently working with the New Zealand Government to import medical cannabis products and are seeking licences to import and distribute medical cannabis by wholesale.

Company Objectives

MOCA’s focus is on importation and exportation of high quality organic CBD and THC based products.

We are currently organizing to create a facility for medicinal cannabis cultivation, production and research.

The Company plans on developing onsite processing and extraction of cannabis oil and production of medical grade cannabis products including:

  • Registered therapeutics
  • CBD and THC Oils
  • Medical vaporizers and inhalers and other products

MOCA is developing international research, which is committed to constantly engage with globally recognized research groups and manufacturers to research and develop the world's best practices in safety and quality and to incorporate them in all steps of growing, manufacturing and commercialization.

Worlds Largest Online Wholesaler of cannabis partners in Australia’s fastest growing medical cannabis company .

Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia (MOCA) Pty Ltd is backed by the world’s largest online cannabis wholesaler,, who is assisting in MOCA's expansion operations in Australia and New Zealand.

Business Strategy

MOCA is strategically positioned for significant growth in the Australian and New Zealand medicinal cannabis market.

Our focus is on becoming a leading national and international producer, wholesaler and retailer of cannabis based products by expanding rapidly to meet the expected demand. We will achieve this by;

    • Building our wholesale MOCA branded products range in Australia.
    • Developing a health care client base in Australia and New Zealand through digital promotions.
    • Establishing a licensed wholesale facility in New Zealand to cater to the emerging market.
    • Establish a cultivation facility in New Zealand to support our branded wholesale market.
    • Expand our cultivation base exponentially to cater to international demand.

By controlling our cultivation and production process, we can support our online and offline distribution network.

We plan to grow the business through the manufacture of organic products and development of the MOCA brand over the next one to three years.

During this time-frame, the Company will operate on a staged approach to leverage its licences and bring a variety of medical cannabis products into our secure medical facility in New South Wales, including CBD and THC capsules, CBD oils and tinctures, sublinguals and concentrates. Our import licence enable us to wholesale our products to pharmacies, hospitals and licenced medical professionals. Our export licence enables the Company to sell products to licenced buyers around the world.

The Company will pursue its licence applications with New Zealand for importation, wholesale, import and to establish a cultivation facility firstly for research and secondly for cultivation of marijuana for commercial sale.

MOCA has entered into the New Zealand medical cannabis industry.

The company is seeking investment for our New Zealand cannabis cultivation facility. We are establishing a wholesale distribution centre to service the local market.

See our promo video for invest in New Zealand cannabis industry. Ground floor opportunities.

Welcome to Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia (MOCA)

Digital Media and Marketing Strategy

Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia (MOCA) has signed a agreement with global online leader, This partnership gives MOCA access to a powerful website platform focused on international markets.

Our focus is on organic cannabis and marijuana products and our view is on an international market, the platform has promotional and development operations that are focused in Australia orientated around Medical Organic Marijuana. holds interests in cultivation facilities, manufacturing labs and produces cannabis around the world, including Organic Marijuana Israel, Jamaica, New York, Los Angeles, and Washington.